Monday, June 22, 2009

Hollyhocks and Eternal Lessons

Summer is here and with it the full bloom of my Nauvoo Hollyhocks. I was so disappointed last year when all they did was come up and never bloomed. My parents were serving in The Nauvoo temple at the time and mom sent me the seeds she had harvested from a cleaning day in the gardens there. I planted them with a great anticipation and then nothing. Well the Lord says we must be a patient people. Because they did not flower I thought I had lost my seeds as well. NO Flower NO seeds. But this spring they came back and started to grow. I almost pulled them out as they did nothing last year but held off to see if perhaps they were one of those plants that just takes a season or too. ( kind of like me sometimes I take a season or too to learn sometimes.)
This is what they look like today. I am so glad that I did not pull them out. I think that is how we must appear to the Lord sometimes. He plants in us the good that we can become and then he has to wait HOW MANY SEASONS ??? for me it has been ever so many more than 20 to figure out what we are and to " Bloom " in to that great person he sent to earth. If only we could see the picture on the seed packet so we could know what we are suposed to bloom into. :D Enjoy the flowers, summer is here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Temple Trip

This is the beautiful Columbia River Temple.

Grandpa Bean, Grandma Bean, John, Rob, and Mary Grandstaff !

John and Grandma Bean.

We were so blessed this last Saturday to be able to go to the Temple with John and his parents and our friends. Here are some of the faces we were blessed to see in the House of the Lord. We are all so excited as John prepares to leave for the Baltimore Maryland Mission. We know he will serve the Lord well. Good luck To all. :D

President and Sister McCracken

Bishop and Sister Clark
Rick and Susan Garrett

Tom and Patsy Young

Larry and Linda Johnson

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summertime !

The other day Kelly and Jesse bought this little pool for Dylan to play in. They brought in over and filled it up and we were all having a great time. I decided that if pictures were going to be taken all summer of Nana in the pool with Dylan then I NEEDED a new suit to play in. Thank goodness for the overstock section of Land's End. Screamin deal on this suit and I love the way it fits. Now for the funny part. ( and Dyl you can hate me later ) Kelly came over and we were having a great time but Dylan had no swim suit at my house that day so we put him these little potty training pants. I think this is classic little boy in the summer stuff. enjoy, cause this is one of the things we do in the summer time.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We had a Great storm roll through the valley on thursday night and it was such a pleasure to stand and watch the power of nature. Dennis tried to get some pictures ( because I asked him to and he seems to enjoy humoring me ) But as everyone but me already knows it is almost impossible to get really great lightning strikes. So he got these instead. Some show how bright it got and some are not too bad . Dennis is amazing at telling where the lighting will strike next. So enjoy my silliness and his great indulgence.The rain was coming down in such big drops it hurt to stand out in it. So lucky for us we has a little overhang out the back to keep out of all that water. My hubby rocks !