Friday, March 13, 2009

Is it Spring Yet?

This morning as I was out with Benny on his way to work I see bank reader. It read, Are you ready for this 22 DEGREES I know I know those of you still in Idaho think that IS spring weather but for here in sunny Walla Walla That is winter time stuff. Now I know that winter still has a week or so to hang on to our hearts with it's icy grip but I can't help but long for spring to come and blow way all this cold. If we have to have Daylight savings time it should be spring. I love seeing the crocus and the tulips bloom and am so excited as My hollyhocks are returning from last year and perhaps they will bloom this year. SO Once again I plead with the mighty heavens to bring on the spring weather. And if that does not work I will relish the snow in the mountains and enjoy one more mug of that nectar of winter HOT TANG !
This is Derek at the Bonfire last week up at our friends who live up in the mountains


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  1. I'm with ya mom!! I'm so ready for spring! I want to bust out my capris and the boys' shorts and take them to the park (As hectic as that extravaganza is)! WE WANT SPRING! WE WANT SPRING! WE WANT SPRING!