Friday, July 1, 2011


*Title taken from the movie Hook*

Last fall I stated back to school.
The following is what I learned:
I have learned that it is best not to miss class.
It helps to have a study buddy.
Mouthing off to the teacher only gets you a BAD grade.
*This I learned from others experience NOT my own*
Power point is not a scary as I thought.
I can still spell most words correctly although I now LOVE my Computer spell check
The Librarians are WONDERFUL.
Research is much easier now that we have the internet.
Every thing you ever wanted to know about the treatment of circus animals, and then some.
Our state does NOT fund the poet laureate any longer due to budget cuts.
There is always one more piece of paperwork to fill out for your tuition.
Poetry is still a love of mine.
The more you know the more write, not always a good thing
Imaginary numbers Still have a right answer not an imaginary one.
Love has rules and writers must follow them
Hamlet is still a Great read.
Logarithms make sense.
The little red haired girl with all those tattoos and piercings sitting next to you is a sweetie,
So Don't judge a student by his appearance.
Standing up for your values earns you respect
The book is ALWAYS better than the movie.
A 3.94 is harder than I remember.

Someday I might Graduate and become a Real People
until then
Bring on that summer reading list.

Good summer break everyone

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