Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had such a great time on our Vacation to Nauvoo. Dennis and I have not gotten away just the two of us for that long in years. and it was marvelous. We flew into ST Louis and Mom and Dad came down and picked us up ( which was super sweet and very nice of them I think)
It is a 3 hour drive from St Louis to Nauvoo and we chatted all the way. Well Dennis slept most of the way but he had a bad flight. Mom and Dad had a Missionary dinner that Monday and we were blessed to be able to join them and meet a lot of their friends that we hear so much about. Everyone was most kind and made us feel very welcome. And THEY LOVE MOM AND DAD :D Everywhere we went they had to tell us how much they love our parents. That was so nice to hear.

We were able to attend the temple every day that we were there and we did all the touristy things that you do when you go to Nauvoo. We made some rope and got some prairie diamonds and took a carriage ride and walked to the river. We took in the show in the evenings and laughed and sang and had a wonderful time. We even borrowed the car and drove to Independence and saw Far west and those sites. We ate dinner in Kansas city at this great little rib place where the computers had gone down and they were only taking cash. The place was nearly empty and they had the best ribs, I am glad we found them. We are still sorting out the pictures so I will have to add some of those later.

When we got back to Seattle Dennis surprised me with a trip to the beach for a couple of days.
On the way there we had a very close encounter with the wildlife that caused us to acquire a new windshield.

But we had such a great time I told him I might even be willing to come back again. although not for my birthday. We had a cute hotel next to the beach and the weather was so nice. SUN EVERY DAY! We were able to walk on the beach and to go down to the tide pools and even enjoy the aquarium.

I love eating at the small shops in towns. You get much better food most of the time and the service is always sure to bring a smile. We had breakfast at the pirates cove, I think was the name of the place, It was off the side of the road one morning and it had the jolly Rodger flying along side of the stars and stripes. so we said how bad can that be and went in this was the parking sign LOL The Food was really great and the waitress was Fantastic.

The drive home was lovely and we stopped at all the waterfalls along the river getting home. To get to most of them you have to take the old highway and drive very slow as most of it is still 30 miles an hour. But the sun was out and it was warm and we had our windows down for almost all of it. How can you go wrong though if you are anywhere with the people that you love the most.
I love how our beautiful earth changes her clothes each season and each outfit is just as glorious as the last.

We love you all and wish the best for all of our family.


The B's

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