Friday, August 1, 2008

Yay for New our new Grandson.

This has been a great couple of weeks. Our newest grandson Gary Allen Buchanan,arrived on July 15 and I was so blessed to be able to go up and help with Isaac. So that means I got to help with our new little Gary too. I love the wat new babies make everyone feel so wonderful. And wonder what is it about holding them when they are sleeping that makes you want to fall asleep. Gary is such a great baby, He sleeps all day and talks all night LOL not really but he does do a great deal of sleeping. Isaac and I had so much fun giving kisses and hugs and helping with the dishes and sweeping the floor. I love my little helper Isaac. I know that is is so hard for the first few months and I am really gratful to Sonya and Greg for letting me come and take over their home for nearly 3 weeks.

I am going to miss all of the smiling faces at their house. When Isaac and I went to the hospital the first day the nurse gave his a sticker that said "Big Brother" he was so cute with it on his shirt. When we went back the day before Sonya and Gary came home, There was a different girl. When we asked for Isaac's big brother tag she just put sonya's room on it like all the rest of us were wearing. I should have asked her to change it as the other was much cuter. But Isaac is so wonderful with Gary he hugs and kisses his head and pats his back when he need to be burped. Sonya will have her hands full for a few years but they are going to be great friends. How blessed we feel as Parents and Grandparents to have such a wondeful family. To see it starting to grow and to be able to interact with our grandsons is truly the joy of our lives. WE love ALL our FAMILY :D


  1. Congrats! They are so precious when they are so little. These young boys look so great! Your family is growing so much! Congrats!


  2. I really apriciate all your help mom! I know Isaac loved having you here because he still looks for you in the morning! Thanks for coming and keeping my house put together and my sanity intact! Love you lots!!

  3. He really is so cute!!! Miss you guys!