Monday, January 18, 2010

And the Beat Goes ON...

Several years ago in a city far far away.
In another life almost, Benny was a drummer in a Band.
He loved it. He is a very good drummer in fact.
But sadly drums and babies do not mix and he gave it up when we got married because he knew that someday children would come into our lives.
Moving ahead several decades,
I was down at the music store and Jim says hey wanna see my latest cool find. We descended into the bowels of the music store and there they were. A great set of drums! returned by a Mother who I guess didn't realize that they were loud. "AND BOY ARE THEY LOUD" she said when bringing then back. So I counted my pennies and found a nickel or two and brought the drums home to my favorite drummer. He has patiently played them in the garage and in the corner, even outside on the patio
( neighbors were not happy about that at all )
or disassembled them and put them away for several years while other things were more important.

BUT NO MORE !! The are happily residing in his MAN CAVE !
Serving out their purpose in life getting beat to near death.
But Look at that face !
And the beat goes on....


  1. You are good! I don't know if I could do the noise. You're right though, the face makes it worth it! Make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked with Tylenol :)