Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Gray Days

The day started out cold and gray and dreary.
The kind of day where you need socks and a sweater and something hot to drink.
Where you wish there was snow falling down
for at least that would leave you with a sense of wonder and beauty.
No, it was just gray and dull and dreary.
A suggestion, spoken in longing on another gray day is recalled and you smile to yourself.
Yes that is the answer.
That would be just the thing to lift the dull and bring in the color and the joy
and fill everything with warmth.
SO off I go to grind the wheat and mix the yeast with all things good and warm.
Sugar and spice and everything oh so nice and only just a pinch... not too much.
Then comes the waiting and the waiting and then the rolling and spreading and the waiting and the baking and then ... OH SO GOOD!
How can there be anything better than hot Cinnamon rolls on such a day as this.

Eat well.


  1. Those look deeeeeelicious! I need to make me some... thanks for the idea, and the mood lift!

  2. I just did a long winter bike ride, man do those look good!!