Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is a Family anyway

This is me, I am a boy and I am All BOY ! I love Dirt and mud and dogs and cookies and everything that is loud and dirty. But I also love my bear and my blanket and a good cuddle when the day is over. I Love a bath and soft warm PJ's . I have a Mom and a Dad and that is our Family. Just us and we are very happy . So when My mom and Dad told me that We were going to have a baby brother soon, I wondered what that meant.

When I asked my Dad how we were getting a baby Brother he thought about it a while and said your mom is going to take care of that . But we are going to love him and he is going to be a lot of fun.

So one day After spending the night with Nana and Papa we go to this place and I see my Mom just laying around in Bed. Now my mom works very hard to keep My Dad and Me clean and Fed and entertained and happy so I thought she was just taking a nap before she fixed me lunch. But she said No, she was working on getting a baby Brother here.
It doesn't look like work to me but I am just 2

So Nana and I went to the bookstore and found a book about being a Big Brother and then one about Cars racing and crashing ( that one is for my Dad cause he can make the BEST crash sounds EVER) and took them home to Nana's and read them. and waited. OK WE made cookies and played with the dogs and took a nap and then the phone rang and My Dad said that we could come and see the new Baby Brother. Uncle Derek and Nana and I went to the big place and look what we found.

This is My Baby Brother.
He can't do anything yet that is fun but everyone seems to really like him.
I think he doesn't know I am his Big Brother yet but I keep telling him that he is the baby so I think he will get it soon.
So, this is my Dad and my Baby Brother,
And I guess my family is just everyone that loves me and That I love

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