Thursday, July 22, 2010

BaseBall Anyone ?

When I was a kid I learned to play baseball in school. I Learned the rules or so I thought. I even learned to swing a bat. I lived in Seattle the home of the Professional Losing Mariners so.... when our little town decided to start up a woodbat league, and they called for host families for the young men who would be playing, I thought WHY NOT !

Let me introduce you to my
Boys of Summer !

This is Marshall and Danny and Karsten
with Dylan at one of our Baseball games.
Our team is the Walla Walla Sweets.
Danny # 14 plays mostly 3rd base but sometimes first. He lives with us and Dylan loves him. Marshall # 6 Plays all the infield and Dylan thinks he is Funny. Karsten #33 Plays 1st base. These guys are great to have in our homes and they have been great to get to know.

We had a bat night giveaway and Dylan got a little bat. but when we went to take pictures with the team he wanted Danny's bat so...
Danny traded him.
Dylan thought that was cool
But he did have to give Danny back his big bat and that was not cool.

This is Chris # 46
He is a Pitcher. He has a fast ball that is really fast. It is really hard to hit too.

Dylan thinks he is his big brother.
He follows him everywhere when they are both at the house at the same time. And Chris has been a great sport about talking to him and playing in the pool with him.

If you have seen our pool you know why that is a big deal.

We love to watch all the boys as they swing for the fence
Or guard the home turf.

And you can't have baseball in Walla Walla without a big Sweet Onion. oh yeah and Great Umpires.

The season started out a little chilly and Dennis Had to get me a jacket.

But as you can see Now we have beautiful sunshine and they work really hard to keep our field of dreams Green.
We love to sit and watch as they prep the field.
And This is where we sit for every Game. Great seats !!! PLAY BALL :D

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  1. Baseball in Walla Walla, too fun! I'm sure you are having a blast, but then whatever you do turns out to be fun.