Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny how life goes and goes and then one day you notice how much has gone. This week Dennis and I noticed that it had been 30 years that we had been married. I wonder if it was those flowers that give it away, or perhaps all of our children coming home for dinner or maybe it was card that said how after 30 years he still loves me like it was just yesterday that we fell in love. Whatever it is that makes you notice the time, the time becomes less important as you go along. What is important is the way you feel every day. Do you feel better because you have this wonderful person to share your day with? Do you want to spend your evenings and free time with them ? Do you count the minutes in anticipation of their arrival? When the only time that matters is the time spent apart because you just want more time together, You know that you have something special. Time at our house this year was kind of a BIG deal. With Dennis doing a temporary night gig for a few months that has turned into half the year... Time together was a big deal. Then we noticed that both of us were just a tad closer to that half century mark than we would like to have to admit. Dennis hit it last January and I was edging closer than I ever wanted. Funny how so much of your life you can pack into what feels like such a small amount of time. Funny how such a short space of ticking minutes becomes years and decades and then you are the grey haired grandparents. Funny how that vow to love forever seems to be just getting started and someone much younger points out that you have been married longer than anyone they know. Funny how time flies when you are having fun.

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