Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Easy Life

My cousin Becky has inspired me this morning to achieve the easy life. She posted that as of 10:30 this morning she had already accomplished a laundry list of the days activities Such as laundry, windows bathrooms lunches packed Kiddies bathed dressed fed and ready for a new adventure. Beds made, floors vacuumed, and Kitchen cleaned up from breakfast. WHEW ! You see my cousin Like myself, is a stay at home MOM. We lead the easy life. For when you are a stay at home Mom this is your life, look at all the freedom you will have when you choose this EASY life.
You set your own hours. ( whenever you are needed )
You set your own menu ( What ever the kids will eat this week )
You set the dress code. ( What will wash the best with this activity. )
You set the schedule ( as long as you have everyone where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.Dressed the way they are supposed to be dressed )
You set the pay scale ( as long as it is leftover from everything else )
YOU Cook, YOU clean, YOU administer the first aid, YOU are the referee.
YOU DETERMINE THE ATTITUDE (cause if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody Happy )
You are the captain of your ship What could be easier than That. :D

So to all you who are looking to ease your burdens and get out of that race of a life you lead
Just stay home and lead the easy life.

Enjoy :D


  1. does the Captain "always" goes down with the ship?...Judd

  2. We keep the goaties in the field behind us. see the post from Nov 2008 on how they started and what they have cleared out for us. and they seem to leave the Bees alone. I put a fence around the "Apairy" (thats what they call it over here, I call it the Bee yard), and let them in about once a week to eat the, weeds and bushes. the goaties like to push and rub their heads on posts and fences, but it hasnt been a problem for the hives.Goats are like kids, they need stuff to play witn and climb on....hey maybe our children are more like our goats than we think....love to do the baseball thing next year.