Friday, February 19, 2016

Entering the 21st Century 

Well now that we are 16 years into this futuristic century,  The old man and I have decided to join in on the techno fun.   Yep  we went with a cable internet connection and ditched the dsl line.   I KNOW  SHOCKING Though it may be, we felt it was time.

We skype with our adorable Grandkids,
We Google things for ourselves,
We even figured out how to upload a picture to facebook !
But, the most compelling reason for the big switch,
We are getting those fancy phones that use 

Yes this old gal is getting a smart phone that I most likely will need my Grandkids to explain to me.  

I love the world we live in and am grateful every day
for the technology that allows us to be connected,
even when we are miles apart.

So there you have it. 
We are almost updated

See you out there in that 
World Wide Web

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