Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camping and Scout Camp

Well Dennis Finally talked me into going up to the cabin and hanging out with him at the blazer scout camp overnighter ! SO after two days of river fun we took off for the blue mountains and the cabin. It belongs to a great friend of ours who uses his property for the scouts every year. He was Dereks scout master for a few years and served in the YSA Branch so our kids have been there and Dennis has been there but this was my first time. We arrived on thurs morning and what a wonderful setting. we had a small cabin set on the side of mountain and two ponds below. Above us are acres and acres of untouched forest. I am sorry that it took me so long to take Our good friend up on his offer and most likely will be found resting up there again.
On Friday morning we headed out to hike the trail. we found all kinds of animal tracks and even a small bear who had come down for a look see.

The scouts arrived on Friday evening and we had great fun helping them get their gear set up. I thought I packed a lot for 3 days and these guys were only coming for overnight and WOW Dennis says he will never complain about my overpacking again. We were treated to an evening of campfire and smores and cubscout jokes. On saturday Dennis taught the first aid class and the fire building class and the knife and axe class.
I sat in my chair and watched and read a good book. LOL I LOVE CAMPING. I did clean up and mop the dirt off the floor before we left much to the dismay of our friend who claims that the dirt is what makes it a camping cabin and not a house. But he also said we were welcome to come back anytime. We just might have to take him up on that.

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  1. I LOVE the new hair!!! It looks fabulous on you!