Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is My neighbors Tree.
It lives outside my office window. It is beautiful and vibrant this time of year and it got me to thinking about my own life as my joyous day approaches.

Spring comes in with such promise of what is to come Yellow and Pink pop out of the ground as the earth warms up. The sky turns blue and things start to smell alive and growth begins.
Of course there is rain and mud and muck and all that comes with new growth.
There is mess and hope. Joy and work.
But there is also beauty in the day if you look beyond the trial of the moment.

Then comes Summer. Joy and beauty everywhere. The Sun shines for days on end and everyone plays. There is great food and even better nights. The fragrance of summer is herbs and flowers, pink is the color, warm is the weather. Cut grass and slightly over-chlorinated pool water.
Hands and Hearts are sticky with love and smores.
Summer is LONG and Soft and Lazy and busy and wet and dry and everything you want in life.

Fall is the gentleness that reminds us that we are mortal and will be going home soon.
It is alive and vibrant yet somehow slowing down and beginning to show wear.
It is almost passionate about it's place in your heart.
Yellow bursting into flaming red then slowing, to turn into brown.
It is a time of joy and thankfulness and foods that warm our souls and implant themselves deep into the recess of our memory. It is a hint of cool that says "THAT Time" is almost here are you ready ? Then silently falling into dark it slips away and you wake up and fall is gone.

Winter is " That Time " when youth gives way to the cold of age. But not yet ! One more snowball one more party. Lights and Song and Oh such lovely memories of family. But still the cold bears down on everything and you know that only the strongest will survive to greet you in the spring. Winter.
That place we all know is coming, yet wish for just one more day of summer.

Fall is that one more day.
Enjoy each fall day

I love This tree outside my office window.


  1. The colors is one my fav (probly my only fav) part of fall!! Know i know where I get it!

  2. I love it!! I agree with everything you said. Thanks for making my day better with all the wonderful imagery.